Terms and conditions of accepting a UTS:INSEARCH Advantage Scholarship

  1. UTS:INSEARCH selects students for the Advantage Scholarship against published selection criteria.
  2. Students must commence study of a UTS:INSEARCH academic program in Sydney, Australia within one year of completing their Academic English.
  3. Students will only be eligible for one scholarship and cannot apply for a second scholarship should they change their selected course at UTS:INSEARCH after receiving the scholarship.
  4. Students may be required to reimburse the scholarship should they withdraw from UTS:INSEARCH within three weeks of commencing the second semester of study.
  5. Scholarship recipients must agree to participate in reasonable promotional activities including but not limited to creation of written and visual materials including video testimonials and attendance at events aimed at promoting the scholarship program and UTS:INSEARCH offshore partnerships.
  6. Students are eligible for a maximum of $2000 AUD. The amount students are awarded is dependent on the number of Academic English courses they successfully complete at one of INSEARCH’s offshore partners.
  7. All relevant students must remain on good status. More than three (3) fails will result in cancellation of the scholarship.
  8. Any student found to have engaged in academic or non-academic misconduct will have their scholarship revoked.
  9. The scholarship excludes any additional costs required as part of the academic program including but not limited to the following:
  • Travel to Australia and within Australia
  • Study materials such as books or equipment
  • Food; and
  • Housing.

The INSEARCH Advantage Scholarship is subject to change at the discretion of UTS:INSEARCH. The INSEARCH Advantage Scholarship is offered at the discretion of UTS:INSEARCH and may not be available at all times.